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Marine Pacaut, Photo by Abela, 2022

Hey There

I am a French guitar maker from France, based in Toulouse. I started making instruments by myself in 2010, and then decided to learn more about the physics behind music.

I specialised in acoustic guitars after I graduated from London Metropolitan University (BSc Musical Instruments making) in 2017, learning about physics, acoustics, mechanics, material science, instrument design analysis, and of course, practical courses to build instruments.

I build, repair, and teach about guitars and basses.

Even as a child, I have always been interested in playing instruments.

After a failed attempt at learning to play piano, I focused on the guitar.

It instantly felt more comfortable and natural to me. 

I started playing at 9 years old, helped by my uncle.

Little by little, I started creating my own clumsy and amateurish music.

I was playing everyday, covering songs,

constantly trying to improve my skills and my own material.

At 16 years old, making music was not enough,

I wanted to learn more about the instrument itself:

how it was made, the materials involved, and the craft.


I wanted to be a luthier.

The way wood reacts, vibrates, resonates, when the strings are plucked still fascinates me.

I wanted to learn how to make this happen myself,

and work with the raw materials to fashion my own sound, my own tone and timbre, with each guitar I make.

Determined, I gathered all the information I could find about guitar makers in my home town. I wrote all the addresses and started a journey towards guitar making.

I visited all the luthiers in my city and around, one after the other, and tried to ask them questions about their career and craft.

Small businesses are part of a tough world where doors close before you can even say hello. Makers are very busy, and get suspicious with people who ask questions.

A 16-year-old girl, with no work experience, and not rich enough to pay for tuition: needless to say it did not work out quite well.

After a dozen closed doors, there was only one name left on my list.

I knocked and told yet again the little speech I had prepared before hand. This maker actually listened to me...

It marked the beginning of a year of training and mutual help.

Twice a week, I was spending the day at his workshop. He helped me build a ukulele, and in return I helped him with some repair jobs.


This experience only confirmed my intuition: guitar making was my career, I had to make it work.


I started looking for schools or Universities to pursue this dream. London Metropolitan University welcomed me, and I met other wonderful guitar makers. After three years of study, I found my identity as a maker, and my brand is being defined more and more precisely every day. 

My love for the craft is still growing, and my inspiration to create, design, and make is increasing exponentially with each guitar I finish. Every new design feature that I draw and make, opens the door to new ideas and potential.

I want to make beautiful guitars that sound amazing, but also have a strong visual identity. I design unique instrument that will not be made twice.

Each musician has his/her own unique identity and character, they deserve to have a likewise instrument.

Marine Pacaut Guitars, Photo by Abela, 2022
Marine pacaut guitars ,

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