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​Have you ever pictured yourself in a relaxed little workshop, surrounded by a sweet scent of mahogany - working meticulously with hand tools on a beautiful guitar?

If you sometimes find yourself thinking about what your ideal instrument (even with a crazy design) would sound, look and feel like, then come and have a chat, I might have something just for you!


Spend a bit of time at the workshop, customize your guitar or bass, and use my tools & machinery to build your dream instrument!

Just buy the wood you want for your build, bring it in, and we will do the rest together! Or we can order the wood together if you prefer.

A week's work will come down to 20 hours. One-to-one tuition only.

600€ for each 20-hour pack (learn about setups, finishing, neck building, no commitment classes, refretting, customisation...) wood and hardware not included.

Each project is different, send me a message for more information, or call me directly.

marine pacaut guitars luthier

by Jean-François

marine pacaut guitars luthier

by Gonzalo

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